North Park 2018 Lookbook

Here are some pics from our North Park release photoshoot. With this shoot we wanted to rep our hood and pay homage to the various businesses and people that work and live in North Park. We are very honored and proud to be a part of this neighborhood for 7 years and looking forward to 7+ more years! Here are 3 businesses that makes North Park a great place to live, work or visit. Remember to always support local and independent! Photos taken by Noel Cepeda aka Graveyard Zombie (@graveyardzombie).

Meet Gene, co-owner of @subterraneancoffeeboutique with his wife Kelsey (in the background 3rd pic). Gene is rockin’ our “North Park USS” tee. Gene & Kelsey opened Subterranean Coffee Boutique pretty much the same time we opened our shop 7 years ago in North Park and has been the go to place for great coffee, breakfast, sandwhiches and to work or hangout with friends. They also host great art shows! This year they will be expanding their North Park location, taking over next door and doubling their size. Aside from their North Park location they have one in Hillcrest and Little Italy San Diego. Make sure you stop by if you’re in any of those areas, especially in North Park lol.

Meet Mishawn, manager & bartender at @bluefootbar. Mishawn is rockin’ our “Drink Local 18” tee. Bluefoot is our favorite neighborhood bar in North Park and Mishawn is one of the reasons why. If she’s not behind the bar making stiff drinks, she’s behind the scenes making sure the bar runs smoothly. Bluefoot has been a staple in North Park for a very long time. One of the very first bars here. It’s a great place to watch a game, play some pool, chill out with friends and have a drink. They also host some of the best parties in San Diego every week! Stop by if you’re in town!

Meet Dimitri. Manager at @atypicalwaffle and a North Park native. Dimitri is rockin’ our “NP Neon Tower” tee. You can catch Dimitri at Atypical Waffle on any given day serving the best waffles we’ve ever had! Get the #7. You’ll thank us later. If you haven’t been to Atypical Waffle yet make sure you go next time you’re in our hood!

Words from Atypical Waffle: Formerly known as Wow Wow Waffle. We make one style waffle. We consider it atypical and amazing to say the least. Not your normal eatery. We only sell waffles (so sorry, no eggs folks). Kind of like how In-N-Out only sell burgers. Or Chik-Fil-A only sells chicken. We only sell an unusual style of waffle. The Liege Waffle. Unless you’re a vegan or have celiac’s then we have something special for you too. Secretly hidden between the hipster laundromat, an old surfer’s home, and the cool New Zealand restaurant (Dunedin) on the corner. Seriously the best alley way (backyard) in North Park!


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